Flowers For The Soul – A Better Florist Bouquet Arrangement Workshop

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I have always been interested in using silk flowers as a form of decorations around my house and enjoy arranging them in ways that make the whole room brighten up. The thought of using fresh flowers instead is definitely appealing but I have never gotten to it due to time limitations (i.e. much more maintenance needed with the real deal). In addition, I was not confident handling fresh flowers as I did not have the experience doing so. Therefore, when I was invited to attend a floral workshop by A Better Florist, I was truly delighted. Finally an opportunity to pick up the basic skills in an activity I have thought of learning many times previously!

The Trainer Preparing The Materials For The Flower Arrangement Workshop

All The Attendees Listening Attentively To The Trainer’s Instructions  

The Trainer Demonstrating How We Can Arrange The Flowers Beautifully

After a detailed demonstration of how we can prepare the different flowers before they can be arranged (e.g. fluffing the carnations so that their petals can open up nicely and plucking the outermost petals of the roses to reveal the blemish free firm inner bulbs), we started creating our own bouquets.

I had a really fun time doing the arrangement and this is what I eventually came up with –

After Lots Of Taping And Sniping, I Am Down To The Last Few Steps

The Final Look!

It felt amazing to walk down the street in a lovely bouquet of blooms! Thanks to A Better Florist for the workshop experience. If you love flowers like I do and want to get the freshest bouquet at a reasonable price, check out this Singapore flower delivery service for a gorgeous range of selections!

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Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses In Tulle, Lace, Chiffon And Reversible Colors

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Hello everyone! It is a long time since I updated the blog as life has been really busy and interesting, with a new addition to my family :). Proudly presenting my 8 months old daughter, Sarah Koh Tang Zhen –

I could not resist dressing Sarah up as Snow White since the shape of her little face looks just like a cute apple to me! I was wearing Lace And Buttons’ Tulle convertible dress in yellow, which matches perfectly with Sarah’s Snow White ensemble, don’t you think?

Now back to my main topic of this post…. my collection of self-manufactured convertible/infinity bridesmaid dresses are now up for grabs. These dresses are either in tulle, lace, chiffon or reversible shades, making them more unique than the conventional convertible designs. Most importantly, they are of high quality and super affordable prices (best value and quality assured)!

Here are the designs –

Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses In Reversible Colors –

Two Tone Purple; Two Tone Cyan; Two Tone Pink

Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses In Tulle – Tiffany Blue; Pink; Yellow

Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses In Lace – Tiffany Blue; Purple/Lilac; Blush Pink

Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses In Chiffon – Two Tone Purple; Tiffany Blue Top with Aquamarine Bottom

Individual product details can be found in the Store. Payment is via Paypal (invoice will be issued).

Feel free to contact me via email at if you have any enquiries!

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Sudio Vasa Bla Bluetooth Earphones Review

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Sudio Vasa Bla

Happy hump day everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been on track with both blogging and social media as I have not been feeling well lately….Neverthless, here is a new post for today!

To be honest, I am not a technology junkie but when Sudio from Sweden contacted me about a review of their Vasa Bla earphones, I couldn’t say “no” as the products just look too awesome and cool! There are a few beautiful colors to choose from and I decided to go for blue.


Fabitoria Episode 1 Boxy Top For Summer

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graphic top

Hello everyone, just a quick post today on this Fabitoria Episode 1 top! What captures my attention to this top is its unique hemline and strong graphics. The boxy loose fit is very comfortable too, especially for the hot summer weather.


Whimsical And Flouncy With Style Theory

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style theory

Clothes rental (apart from wedding gowns and dresses) is a very new concept in Singapore. I have always thought it will be cool to have such a service locally so when I heard of Style Theory, I decided to give it a try.


Top Tips On How To Search For Summer Clothes Through A Catalogue Company

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credit card

Summer has arrived and if you’re looking to open a new credit account with a catalogue company, make sure you read this first. Here are some handy hints on how to find the best catalogue brands and how to save more money, regardless of the season!

a. Find Out About The Return Policy

Although you won’t be able to try your clothes on before they arrive at your home like you can in the fitting room of a physical store, many catalogues offer returns so you can post your items back if you’re not completely satisfied. Not all brands offer this for free, though. Some companies, like Next, won’t charge you for returns. If you’re not sure, remember to check out the cost of returning an item on a catalogue’s website before you place an order.

b. Shop Around

When it comes to summer clothes, not all fashion catalogues offer the same selections. If you want to find the cheapest prices, you’re going to need to do your research. A price comparison website is usually a great place to start, and can save you hours of time searching online. Such a site can list the places you can find a particular item at the cheapest cost, items such as a summer dress or pair of shades, so you can grab a bargain. There are also third-party review sites which can let you check reviews from customers who have used a catalogue brand in the past. This way, you’ll be able to find out which catalogues offer the best value for money and customer service.

c. Use A Discount Code

If you really want to make some savings this summer, use a discount code. Many retailers publish their discount codes online, which will provide you with money off your order, usually on your first purchase. You might also be entitled to cheaper delivery, or free delivery altogether. Remember to check the terms and conditions of your voucher code before you use it. You’ll be prompted to enter the code either when you sign up for a new credit account or when you go through the checkout process. Here’s another tip: signing up a catalogue’s mailing list or following them on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram are great ways to receive the latest discount codes before anyone else!

d. Consider Interest Options

One of the top tips when looking for summer clothes through a catalogue is finding out about installments and related interest rates. As this can differ depending on the retailer, it’s best to do your research. Some companies, like Very, will let you pay in three installments without paying any interest. Other retailers won’t charge you any interest if you pay for your item in full by a certain time. The duration is usually 28 or 30 days. If you’re not sure about the interest you will be charged on a purchase, contact your catalogue’s customer service team to find out more. You may prefer to “Buy Now, Pay Later” rather than make repayments in weekly or monthly installments. Regardless of your choice, interest is one of the first things you should look out for when deciding on the best catalogue to use this summer.

If you would like to see a list of catalogues which offer some of the payment options as stated above, check out Catalogues247 also helps you find out how the payment options work.

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Polka Dot On Polka Dot

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polka dots

I have been gifted a few neck scarves recently and while I love all of them, I think a classic print like this Connect The Dot scarf from Bobbibows is definitely a winner! Polka dot just can not go wrong with its timeless appeal and I had fun creating this summery polka dot on polka dot outfit look over the weekend.


Bow And Picnic

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Bow And Picnic

Happy Hump Day, just a quick post for today!

There is a wide patch of grassland near where we stay and we thought it will be a good experience to have a picnic there.


Summer Fashion Accessories That Will Make Your Outfit Stand Out

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summer fashion accessories

The right summer fashion accessories can make you look amazing and stand out from the crowd. With the summer season just around the corner, here are a few top summer fashion accessories which every women should consider adding to their wardrobe –


They were in and then they were out. It seems like they are back in style again this season. The benefit of a choker necklace is that it looks elegant and can be dressed up or down easily. You can find them in a variety of materials, colors and custom finishes, to go with nearly any outfit you have planned for a summer date or event.


Similar to a statement pair of shoes, earrings are the type of jewellery which can make any outfit pop. While dangling earrings and studs are always popular, earrings encrusted with pearls and precious stones will look good with more classy outfits. To create a cute and fun outfit look, earrings with half moon shape or those with decorative and ornate patterns will make perfect choices.

The Mono Earring

This trend is an extension to the possible types of earrings you can wear. If you have been to any fashion shows, you may have seen runway models wearing only one statement earring. The same trend can be observed in fashion magazine spreads or models appearing on television.

The mono earring is a fantastic accessory to help accentuate a particular style, outfit, colour, or make-up you choose to wear. It is also the perfect piece to go for if you want to call attention to yourself or be noticed in a crowded place such as a party.

Huge Accessories

“The bigger the better” may be true in this case. Aviator sunglasses with large frames, chunky necklaces, bold bracelets with charms are all examples of accessories that will create huge visual impact.

Huge accessories are able to induce that eye-popping effect or distinctive style to any outfit through loud colours and exaggerated designs. They often mix and match well with a variety of prints on clothing such as floral or stripe patterns.

Ankle chains

The ankle chain seems to be gaining popularity again after taking some time in the back-seat. Depending on individual preferences, you can go with a simple gold chain or something more ornate with charms and dangling beads.

If you have been hitting the gym and can’t wait to show off your calf muscles, an ankle chain will be the best accessory to accentuate your asset. They look great with other types of shoes too, be it a pair of casual chic sandals or killer heels.

Fashion accessories may come in and out of trend more frequently than we anticipated. The good news is, there are always new styles and fun designs popping up to complete your summer looks. For those who are always on top of the latest trends, we hope the above list provide you with an idea of the top summer fashion accessories to look for when shopping for your summer wardrobe. offers a list of fashion catalogues where you can check out the accessories recommended in this post. There is a wide selection of catalogues to choose from which will satisfy your shopping needs!

Thank you for reading and see you.

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How To Look Effortlessly Chic In A Men’s Shirt

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men's shirt

There are certain trends that I would never have tried if I do not read fashion blogs. The men’s shirt is an example but articles such as 10 Stylish Ways a Woman Can Wear A Men’s Shirt do encourage me to think out of the box.