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October 2014 - Petite Fashion Blog | Buy Clothes | Prudence Petite Style

Halloween Special – A French Maid Dress

Fashion | October 30, 2014 | By


I bought this French Maid dress on a whim several years ago and never got to wearing it. As Halloween is just around the corner, I thought it will be a good idea to do a quick photoshoot around this theme! Really glad that the dress still fits and I am loving the pretty lace and cute tier skirt of this piece! If my memory did not fail me, it is the love of these feminine details that led me to buy the dress when I had no good reason to do so. Alas, Halloween is not widely celebrated in Singapore and therefore I do not see much possibility of wearing this dress again in the near future. Nevertheless, I do enjoyed the photoshoot very much and hope you like these pictures as much as I do!


Wishing everyone a great Halloween and see you again soon! Have fun!

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Contemporary European Fashion Style With Houndstooth Trend

Fashion | October 28, 2014 | By

Just a quick post to start off the week!

The Houndstooth trend in Fashion has been ongoing for a while and I have since been exposed to numerous related designs since working in the Fashion industry. However, nothing quite catches my eye like this classy number, which is not only flattering for my petite frame, but also exudes a minimalist elegance. A timeless piece that I adore and am so happy that it matches so well with my new Spiral monochrome hat. Together, a sophisticated contemporary European style is achieved.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon.

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Black And White Fashion

Fashion | October 25, 2014 | By

I have always love the monochromatic look in fashion. I do adore vibrant colors too, but on days that I am in a rush or just not in the mood to think of what to wear, I simply can’t resist the classic black and/or white outfit. So just a quick blog post to show two basic monochrome designs that will never go out of style and will be suitable for ladies of different figures, including petite women. Here is the first look:

Black And White Fashion
Black And White Fashion
Black And White Fashion
Black And White Fashion

And my second feature is a simple white dress with delightful scallop patterned details at the waist area and a panel cut skater skirt which, by the way, makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe for a moment :)!

Black And White Fashion
Black And White Fashion
Black And White Fashion
Black And White Fashion

What I like about a classic dress is that it is so easy to create different looks with simple accessorizing. If you adore statement accessories like I do, a mono color outfit will be perfect for some creative mix and match.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon!

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Five Lovely Dresses

Fashion | October 23, 2014 | By

This post will consist of a mini-collection featuring five pretty dresses which I find really lovely! I adore all the dresses especially the first design with the back opening at the waist area. Which design do you like best? Do share your thoughts with me!

That’s all for now and see you again soon!

A Pretty Yellow Eyelet Dress

Fashion | October 21, 2014 | By

In my last post I mentioned that I have recently fallen in love with hats. The reason is simple really – they are excellent for styling and can instantly transform your everyday basic look to one that is more trendy and interesting. I particularly like the idea of matching a pretty sun hat with a cheery yellow dress as I believe the look will be one that is full of vibrancy and energy, much like the morning sun. So here comes my mix and match inspiration for the day:

This look is definitely suitable for ladies who like a sweet and feminine style! I like how the dainty eyelet details and flowy chiffon skirt of the dress complement the romantic floral scarf design on the hat to create that charmingly girl-next-door look.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon!

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Vintage Style Fashion

Fashion | October 18, 2014 | By

I admit this is not my usual fashion style.

I have this bright candy pink skirt lying in my wardrobe for the longest time and I really want to give it a chance to (hopefully) shine. Also, I have recently fallen in love with hats and decided that my floral scarf sun hat should go quite well with the look I had in mind. And so here comes my latest mix and match inspiration:
A basic mono-color white/black top should match easily with the skirt but I decided to go for a more colorful long sleeve top just to try out a new style and be more adventurous. I am quite pleased with how the look turned out as I believe it exudes a kind of English Vintage style which possesses a nostalgic charm.

As I am very petite, I don’t usually wear skirts that go over my knee as doing so may make me look even shorter. However in this case, I think that the high-waist style of the skirt and high heels definitely help to elongate my lower body! Hence if you are petite too but would love to try wearing a midi-skirt, choosing one with a high-waist cut is likely to be helpful!
Hope you like this look and will be back with more styling pictures soon. See you!

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Sweater and Skirt Set

Fashion | October 16, 2014 | By

The weather is turning cooler in Singapore with heavy rain and showers happening much more frequently. Due to the cooler weather, I have invested in several sweaters/long sleeve tops suitable for the Fall/Winter season. I am very much in love with these designs as they not only keep me warm (especially in air-conditioned locations on a rainy day), I also find them really fashionable, cute as well as versatile!

We were really fortunate to have escaped the rainy weather on the day we visited The Jewel Box at Mount Faber for an outdoor photoshoot featuring one of my favorite sweater set:

Simply adore this sweater and skirt set as the look is simple yet so elegant and chic! Great set for accessorizing too be it a sophisticated pearl necklace for that added touch of class or a bold statement piece to reflect an adventurous streak in your personal style.

Hope you like this post and see you again soon.

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Tuxedo Vest And Shorts

Fashion | October 14, 2014 | By

In an earlier blog post about my visit to Botanic Gardens, I mentioned that I have grown rather fond of taking leisurely strolls or walks in nature. Glad to say that this fondness is not just a momentary fluke, but rather a burgeoning passion that has benefited me greatly in terms of stress relief and emotional pleasure. While I used to spend most of my free time shopping in malls and flea markets, now I take relish in the embrace of Mother Nature. Hence, I was extremely delighted to finally have the chance to experience the great outdoor experience offered by the Southern Ridges in Singapore recently! The invigorating walk on the ridges was extremely enjoyable in my opinion and I would recommend it for anyone who loves taking long walks in green, open spaces among thick foliage and fauna.

For the past few weeks, I have been taking repeated visits to the Southern Ridges, with the walks ending at The Jewel Box, a beautiful building which is located right at the top of Mount Faber. The panoramic view from the hilltop is spectacular! I was so in love with the place that I know I just have to take my next fashion shoot there:

I have picked this Tuxedo Vest Set for today’s post as I believe that this classy yet chic ensemble really blends in with the luxurious ambience of The Jewel Box. I am very much in love with the tailored fit and excellent quality of this ensemble which fits my petite frame!

Hope you enjoy this feature and see you again soon.

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Bodycon Dresses

Fashion | October 11, 2014 | By

People who have known me for a long, long time know that I am not the naturally slender type. In fact, I was considered chubby most of my life, especially during my childhood and teenage years. As an adult, I do struggle with weight fluctuations very often as I have a huge passion for food and can’t resist carbohydrates and sugar! Hence, I tend to avoid wearing body hugging clothes more often than not.

After completing my training in Style Coaching, I realise that many, including petite women, can look good in fitting clothes even if they are considered to be plump or bigger in size. The trick is really finding the correct size as well as recognizing the cutting of clothing that best suits their frame. For instance, if a particular dress is too tight, it is likely to cause unsightly bulging around specific body parts such as the tummy area. However, this issue may be resolved once a bigger size is chosen, even if the dress is meant to be body fitting. If a bigger size does not completely do the trick, there are always shapewear (also important to choose the right ones for best effect and comfort) which can be worn underneath a dress to achieve a slimmer or sleeker look, be it for work or special events.

Hope the above information is useful for women who think that they are not ever going to look good in bodycons or who are not confident in wearing more fitting clothes. To end off, here are a couple of my favorite picks for this post.

Look 1

Look 2

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!

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A Blue Baroque Dress

Fashion | October 9, 2014 | By

The gorgeous dress featured in this post is a Zara inspired design and I really love it! The unique blue baroque prints caught my eyes the moment I laid eyes on this number and I like how comfortable this dress feels on my skin. The dress is already outstanding on its own but to create a look with a more dramatic effect, I decided to glam it up with a short, layered necklace and a stylish bangle. For a more classic look, just matching this dress with elegant pearl or crystal accessories will suffice too.

Dress from City Plaza Singapore
Chucky Bead layered Necklace from Forever 21
Gold Wave Bangle from Far East Plaza

Hope you enjoy this post and see you again soon!

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