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January 2015 - Petite Fashion Blog | Buy Clothes | Prudence Petite Style

A Weekend Look In A Plaid Top

Fashion | January 31, 2015 | By

Plaid top

A casual plaid button-down top with a comfortable pair of pants is my idea of a great weekend outfit! To add a unique touch to the whole look, I matched this ensemble with a wide fabric belt for a more fitted silhouette.

Plaid top
Harem pants
White Sling Bag
Plaid top
Plaid top

This plaid top is actually part of a two-piece set consisting of a matching skirt which I had previously featured here and here. As I find that putting these two plaid pieces together may be a little overwhelming visually, I prefer to style them separately with other designs.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and hope you like this look! See you again next week!

Top- Padini
Bottom – Padini
Heels – M)phosis
Bag – Perllini

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Denim Jacket And Lace Camisole

Fashion | January 29, 2015 | By

Denim Jacket And Lace Camisole

I was on a lookout for a denim jacket a while ago and all the designs I came across were boyish and boxy in style. Just as I was about to give up, I found a more feminine version that I really liked!


Color-Block Top And Ruche Skirt

Fashion | January 27, 2015 | By

Color-Block Top And Ruche Skirt

My husband is a great fan of musicals so when “Cats” returned to the Singapore stage recently, we were really eager to watch the show! As expected, the fast-paced performance turned out to be very entertaining, with spectacular makeup and costumes, as well as beautiful music and dance.

I kept my outfit for the show simple but classy.


What I did in Japan – Fashion Features And Travel Tips

Fashion, Travel | January 24, 2015 | By

What I wore in Japan

Today’s post will be a recap of my two trips to Japan, the first was to Tokyo in 2013 and the other to Osaka and Kyoto just last year. As we have taken thousands of photos on these two trips, I have chosen only my favorites and condensed them into collages so as to keep the post short and easy to read. This post holds great memories for me and I am so happy to be able to share it with all my lovely readers! For those of you planning to visit Japan, I hope that this write-up will provide you with some insights or tips on what you can do there.

I visited Tokyo, Japan for the first time in 2013 to attend my Japanese girlfriend’s wedding held in a hotel close to Disneyland!

What I wore in Japan - wedding dress

For this small but glamorous wedding, the beautiful bride was wearing a wedding dress designed by me and tailor-made by a seamstress of my recommendation! The sakura (cherry blossom) and crane-print Japanese fabric were specially sourced to make the dress as these motifs are symbolic of Japanese culture. The gorgeous headpiece worn by the bride was also specially made-to-order through a Japanese website. I really love how perfectly the headpiece matches with the dress as it also bears a similar crane and sakura design!

What I wore in Japan - My friends' wedding costumes

What I wore in Japan - Masako's parents and group picture

I really have to share these photos as the wedding fashion is really unique and interesting in this particular case! As my girlfriend’s husband is of Indian origin, she had also chosen two absolutely stunning saris to wear during the reception, apart from the wedding gown.


Besides beautiful hotels, the Tokyo’s DisneySea also boasts magnificent architectures and breath-taking views right out from books and tales!


Top – A Life-like Volcano; Bottom Left – Gondola Rides; Bottom Right – Near Main Entrance to DisneySea


Top – The Sea Palace Of “The Little Mermaid”; Bottom Left – The Place Where Aladdin Stays; Bottom Right – The Sultan’s Palace Where Princess Jasmine Stays


Top – Stunning Lights In Disneyland By Night; Bottom Left – The Whimsical Mickey Mouse Magician In The Background; Bottom Right – Group Photo With Donald Duck In His Mexican Home

There are many amazing rides and entertaining shows to watch in DisneySea as well! If you want to relive your childhood days or just have a blast of your time, it is highly recommended that you visit DisneySea for at least one full day. You will not regret it!


If you are a hardcore fan of electronic gadgets and all things anime, one place you would not want to miss is Akihabara, a district in central Tokyo famous for its numerous electronic stores.


Top – Numerous Blocks Of Buildings Selling Electronic ProductsBottom left – Beautiful Female Characters From Manga Form A Big Aspect Of Japanese “Zai Nan” Culture; Right Top – Waitress Outside A French Maid Cafe; Right Bottom – A Young Woman In Cosplay Costume Spotted On The Street Posing For The Cameras

According to my Japanese girlfriend, Akihabara is very popular with “Zai Nan” (i.e. young men who stay at home all the time). I suppose it is because this particular group normally prefer to stay home to play computer games and watch television rather then socialize with others. The usual interpretation of why “Zai Nan” behave the way they do is due to their weak social skills. Interestingly, despite how shy or socially inadequate the “Zai Nan” may be, they are still young men who wish to seek the solace of female companionship, which likely explains the presence of a very famous French Maid Cafe in the area.

Needless to say, all the waitresses in this cafe are all young ladies dressed like French maids. Apart from serving food and drinks, these young ladies also make small talk with the customers (90% male) as well as take polaroid photos or/and play games with them (for a fee). The concept of such a cafe is really quite amusing and interesting to me, although I have to say we were all quite puzzled over the popularity of this place! As like most well known restaurants in Japan, we had to queue for about 45 minutes before we got our seats. Although the charges (i.e. entrance fee and cost of food/drinks) were pretty expensive, I guess the novelty of the whole experience was worth the wait and visit :)….at least that once!  



Left And Right – Giant Gundam At Odaiba By Day And Night Respectively

I am not really a huge fan of giant robots but I have to admit that the gundam statue in Odaiba, a man-made island in Toyko, is absolutely impressive! I felt like an ant standing at its feet and I can imagine how much I will freak out if it moves! I don’t regret visiting Odaiba as it is really interesting to take pictures with the massive gundam and there are also shopping malls in the area. My friends and I bought many local snacks such as the popular strawberry mochi and Tokyo banana cake at the mall to bring back home.

Top – Romantic Light-Up Bird Cage Structure At Odaiba; Bottom – Stunning View Of The Rainbow Bridge From Odaiba

On the other side of Odaiba island is the beautiful Rainbow suspension bridge, which links the heart of Tokyo and the Odaiba waterfront centre. The view of the lighted-up bridge in the evening is both spectacular and mesmerizing, definitely a wondrous sight not to be missed!


Ginza is a well-known upmarket shopping district in Toyko where all the leading brands can be found. What struck me as most memorable about this place is the twelve storey high Uniqlo building! As all of my friends on this trip are huge fans of this clothing label, we spent a significant amount of time shopping within the building and also took some fun group pictures in the process!

Uniqlo Ginza
Top And Bottom – Fun Group Pictures With The Cute Monster Inc Characters Inside Uniqlo

There are also many restaurants in Ginza and a highly recommended one by the locals is the Ginza Bairin. The succulent tonkatsu served in this restaurant is not only delicious, but also big in portion!

Tonkatshu Ginza
Top And Bottom – Mouth-Watering Tonkasu Meals At Ginza Bairin


There are many sushi restaurants in Toyko but the one recommended by my Japanese girlfriend is Sushi Zanmai, a well-known chain selling sushi at an affordable price. As expected, the food is fresh and tasty with a reasonably wide range of selections to choose from.

Top And Bottom – Delicious Sushi And Snow Crab Soup At Sushi Zanmai


If viewing sakura in full bloom is an expectation you have of your trip, it is best to visit Japan in early spring, which starts in late March/early April. In our case, we deliberately stayed in a hotel near Osaka Castle as we knew that it is a popular spot to view sakura and to take photos!

Top – Magnificent Stone Wall Structure In The Vicinity Leading To The Castle; Bottom Left – The Regal Castle Tower; Bottom Right – A Couple Taking Their Wedding Pictures In The Osaka Castle Park

Going to Japan? Check Out the fun things to do in Spring!
Top – Lovely Pink Sakura Blooms; Bottom Left And Right – What I Wore To Osaka Castle, Full Outfit Features Can Be Found HERE And HERE


Osaka is hailed as the “Nation’s Kitchen” and we were determined to try as many delicious food items as we possibly can accomplish during our one week stay there! My husband and I did manage to savor a wide range of tasty food ranging from traditional Japanese Grill to the popular local snacks. For the purpose of this post though, I will only list a few of our favorites items.

Top – Sumptuous Sushi At A Highly Recommended Restaurant, Central Market Endo Sushi Kyobashi; Richly Filled Okonomiyaki In A Restaurant Along Kyobashi ; Delicious Ice-Cream And Fruits Croissant At St-Marc Cafe


I had wrote an entry covering full details of how you can rent and wear a traditional kimono for a day previously. View the post HERE. And below are some of the things you can do in a Kimono, apart from taking tons of pictures!


Top –  Walking Along The Charming Streets Of Kyoto In A Kimono Is A Really Great Experience; Bottom Left – Hiring A Rickshaw Ride At Yasaka Shrine; Bottom Right – A Picture Taken Outside A Restaurant Serving Traditional High-End Japanese Cuisine, After We Had Taken Our Lunch There

kyoto geisha
Left And Right – It Is Not Uncommon To See Women Dressed As Geisha Walking On The Streets Of Kyoto

My husband and I only had a day in Kyoto so we spent the rest of the time we had, after returning the kimono, on some window shopping. Some of the shops were really crowded, especially those selling local beauty products. Unfortunately, as everything was written in Japanese and I could not understand a word of it, I did not make any purchases at these shops.

Kyoto sakura
Left And Right – Kyoto With Its Beautiful Sakura blooms By Night

What a better way to end the post than with more gorgeous pictures of sakura in full bloom! Hope you have enjoyed this write-up and do visit the links inserted throughout if you need more information about the various locations mentioned!

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great weekend!

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An All-Pink Outfit

Fashion | January 22, 2015 | By

All-Pink Outfit

I used to be a compulsive shopper and tend to buy more clothes then I need, especially when I thought an item is value for money. Over the years, I have given away many bags of clothing to charity, particularly those that I bought on impulse and which did not look that ideal on my petite frame.


A White Cut-Out Dress With Blue Booties

Fashion | January 20, 2015 | By

White Cut-Out Dress With Blue Booties

Weight fluctuation is a condition I have struggled with since young as I love desserts and don’t exercise as much as I should. Whenever I realize that I have gained too much weight, I will go on a strict diet which can last for a month or two. This process is usually very effective and I will lose enough weight to become slimmer, but it also means that there are many clothes in my wardrobe that don’t fit me as well anymore.


A Black Outfit

Fashion | January 17, 2015 | By

Black Outfit

I love Japanese fashion labels and was quite surprised when I heard news that the Japanese fashion chain, Lowrys Farm, is withdrawing from Singapore this year in February. The brand is currently holding its farewell sale in all its local retail stores and I got for myself the pair of staple black denim leggings as featured.


A Little Red Dress

Fashion | January 15, 2015 | By

Little Red Dress

Everyone love a good sale and I am no exception! I remembered vividly that I queued up for two hours before I got into a warehouse sale by Love Bonito, a well-known Singapore online store. Amidst the frenzy, I managed to grab the little red dress as featured at a great price!


A Fur Cardigan

Fashion | January 13, 2015 | By

Fur Cardigan

The fur trend has been ongoing this season given that the cold weather is still predominant in US and many parts of the world! I finally board onto the bandwagon of this trend with the purchase of my first faux fur design in years – a soft and fuzzy cream cardigan as featured in this post!


A Plaid Collar Burberry Polo

Fashion | January 10, 2015 | By

Plaid Collar Burberry Polo

I am someone who does not believe in spending a fortune to look stylish so I do not own many luxury brand products. Those that I do own are usually gifts from family and the Burberry polo top featured in this post was a Birthday present.

Plaid Collar Burberry Polo
Plaid Collar Burberry Polo
Plaid Collar Burberry Polo
Plaid Collar Burberry Polo
Plaid Collar Burberry Polo

The plaid trend is all the rage this season and I have seen this print on all sorts of fashionable items including tops, bottoms, scarves, bags and gloves. However, I have yet to see plaid on just the collars of a top and I really like it that this piece is designed this way. It exudes more of a minimalist vibe compared to a fully plaid top.

To create an overall feminine style, I used a silk scarf to tie a bow over the top’s collar and paired it with a pretty plaid skirt which was also featured here.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you liked this look! See you again next Tuesday!

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