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April 2015 - Petite Fashion Blog | Buy Clothes | Prudence Petite Style

A Monochrome Outfit In Spring – Paris X

Fashion, Travel | April 29, 2015 | By

monochrome outfit

I love a classic monochrome outfit as this color palette never goes out of style. But to make a look more interesting, I love the idea of combining black and white pieces with unique details to enhance the overall look.


A Belted Black Vest At Galeries Lafayette – Paris IX

Fashion, Travel | April 27, 2015 | By

Belted Black Vest at Galeries Lafayette

As much as I like exploring beautiful gardens and historical landmarks, a great shopping opportunity is something I refuse to miss whenever I go travelling! My inner shopaholic is always eager to sniff out great places to shop and check out the fashionable items on display in boutiques and malls! As it was my first visit to Paris, I was excited to visit the most popular shopping districts and the Galeries Lafayette is one of the top locations on my list.

While it is definitely fun to do some window shopping in this really huge mall offering a wide range of luxury products, what really impressed me is the stunning rooftop view of the city from the mall! We decided to take some photos of my outfit of the day while we were there, as well as on the shopping streets near to this mega mall.


A Gold Trim Cardigan With A Gold Skirt – Paris VIII

Fashion, Travel | April 24, 2015 | By

Gold has not always been a color I like but I grew to love this shade more and more as I mature into adulthood. I am not too sure how it happened but it could have begun when I started to associate this color with splendor and brilliance. When it comes to an outfit, my preference for a gold apparel is usually to match it with black so as to achieve a balance of striking glamour and minimalist elegance.


A Stripe Crop Jacket – Palace Of Versailles, Paris VII

Fashion, Travel | April 22, 2015 | By

crop jacket

If you are interested to know more about French history, one place you should not miss is the Palace of Versailles! The popularity of this national landmark cannot be underestimated – my husband and I had to queue for more than an hour in the rain on a weekday to visit this magnificent former residence and Parliament House of King Louis XIV. The wait was definitely worth it though and we decided to go ahead with an outfit shoot of a military style crop jacket  even when it was raining continually. The beauty of the grounds were simply too amazing not to go into this photo dairy!


A White Puffer Coat – Paris VI

Fashion, Travel | April 20, 2015 | By

Puffer Coat

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope it does not appear weird that I am featuring a thick white puffer coat today as it should be getting warmer in many parts of the world by now! These pictures were actually taken in the first week of April when it was still chilly in Paris, with temperatures ranging in the single digits. Apart from my faithful black coat and leather jacket, this white puffer coat is definitely a life-saver for me!


A Classic Stripe Dress – Paris V

Fashion, Travel | April 17, 2015 | By

TGIF! Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

Just a quick post today on a classic stripe dress I wore to the Musee Picasso Paris, an art gallery focusing on the works of the Spanish Painter, Pablo Picasso. These pictures were taken just a stone’s throw away from the gallery!


A Zebra Print Monochrome Coat At Luxemborg Gardens – Paris IV

Fashion | April 15, 2015 | By

monochrome coat

One of my favorite past times is to take leisurely strolls in gardens or parks so I was delighted to visit the Luxemborg Gardens while I was in Paris.  The buildings and blooming flowers in the garden are absolutely beautiful and I was glad that I have had the chance to take photos of my unique zebra print monochrome coat there!


What To Expect In Paris – Paris Part III

Travel | April 13, 2015 | By

Happy Monday everyone!

I am back home in Singapore but already reminiscing about my time spent in Paris! As with my travels to Japan, we had taken many pictures on this particular trip and I will be sharing part of them in this post.

Sights In Jardin Des Plantes (Main Botanical Garden In France)

Pictures of Beautiful Buildings And Streets During My Walks Around The City

Cathedral Notre Dame De Paris


Palais De Tokyo 


Eiffel Tower And Champ De Mars

To end off, I will like to share what I like and dislike about Paris. These are all my personal opinions and by sharing, I hope to give anyone who wish to visit Paris for the first time an idea of what possibly to expect!


1) The delicious and wild selections of macarons readily available in many shops, including Mcdonalds and the supermarket, Carrefour.

2) The amazing architectures ranging from historically rich colonial style buildings to man-made statutes or carvings.

3) Impressive collection of Art pieces by famous painters displayed in huge museums. Free entry is offered for visitors on the first Sunday of every month and I was able to take advantage of this for one of the visits. Expect a significantly long queue though (approximately just over one hour in my case). More on free entry to museums here.

4) Lovely gardens and parks with gorgeous blooms to behold in Spring. If it’s not too cold, many people can be seen lying or sitting on the grass to enjoy the beauty of nature.

5) If you like to buy branded products, you can find a massive selection in the well-known shopping districts of Paris. Tax refund of ten percent is given to any purchase above Euro$175. More on Tax refund here.

6) Rented apartments with full set of facilities at an affordable price. In my case, the apartment I rented comes with a kitchen which allows me to cook everyday.

7) Efficient and fast metro services.


1) The strong smell of urine in some public places (eg. specific metro stations). It was unfortunate that my husband and I actually saw someone committing the act itself on one occasion.

2) People often look like they are in a huge rush and I was pushed from the back a few times while walking.

3) I was saddened to see a number of people living on the streets or inside the Metro stations. It was my first time in Europe so this is a sight unfamiliar to me.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy this post. See you!

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Red Pearl Embellished Organza Dress – Paris Part II

Fashion, Travel | April 8, 2015 | By

Organza Dress

Happy Mid-Week everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I have been keeping myself really busy touring Paris and truly immersing myself in the life here. I will be returning home to Singapore in a couple of days so my normal blogging schedule will start from next week onward!

Now back to my outfit post for this week! One of my first impressions of Paris is that it is a very romantic and sophisticated city. Hence, when I was packing my suitcase, I attempted to pick out a couple of outfits which I thought will fit in with the general vibe of the city. The dress featured today is a design which I felt is very “Parisian” based on my personal perception of Paris.


Layered Print On Print Look – Paris Part I

Fashion, Travel | April 3, 2015 | By

Layered Print On Print Look

Flying to Paris was a spontaneous decision on my husband and my part as we disliked the idea of travelling on a plane for more than ten hours. Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead with the trip as my interest to visit was piqued after reading about Paris from posts such as this one from Kayture. After about sixteen hours of total travelling time, we finally reached our cosy one bedroom apartment rented through Airbnb! I have hoped to blog about my trip sooner but as it took me a couple of days to recover from jet lag and getting accustom to our new environment, I was only able to work on the first post today!


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