A Blend of Art And Fashion

art and fashion

My husband and I went for a spontaneous trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia over the weekend. As it was a last minute decision, we were limited in our choices of accommodation in the area we wanted to stay in. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the hotel we have selected turned out to be a beautiful place to stay for a short vacation! Apart from its convenient location and clean rooms, what I loved most about the hotel is its small but tastefully decorated lobby. First impressions do count and I was delighted with the overall ambience upon stepping into Geobay Hotel.

art and fashion

art and fashion

art and fashion

art and fashion

I was especially obsessed with the furniture, particularly the sofas and chairs that are so aesthetically charming and comfortable. Despite not having any intention to take pictures for the blog on this trip (we didn’t bring our camera and these pictures are taken via mobile phone), we decided to do a quick photoshoot of these lovely furnishings which I regard as pieces of art. The pretty embroidery on the top I wore blended in beautifully with the surroundings and I really love how the pictures turned out!

Thanks for reading and hope you like this post. See you.


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    Missy Beautiful
    March 7, 2016

    Wow that décor is so artistic! It combines such different textures and materials, like wood, stone, metal and fabric, yet the end result is soothing and oh-so-comfy. Lucky you, looks like you and your husband had a great getaway : ) xo

    From, http://www.aboutabeautifullife.com

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    March 7, 2016

    The decor of the hotel looks wonderfully luxurious and I love your white embellished sliders!


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    March 8, 2016

    This looks like a gorgeous hotel and a great find for a last minute holiday. It sounds like you had a wonderful time 🙂 x

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