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November 2017 - Petite Fashion Blog | Buy Clothes | Prudence Petite Style

How To Select The Best Hair Extensions For That Natural-Looking Hair

Fashion | November 29, 2017 | By

By Guest Contributor (Sponsored)

Have you ever wanted to possess a full head of silky hair but could not wait for your hair to grow out naturally? If so, hair extensions may be what you are looking for. Many celebrities spotted with lengthy, wavy tresses did so with the aid of extensions. That being said, selecting the right extensions is important in getting that natural-looking volume and bounce.

There are a number of hair extension types to select from. Extensions can be categorised based on the way they are attached. Three ways to attach hair extensions are through fusion, tape-in, and weave respectively.

Fusion is the procedure where individual strands are fused along with your natural hair via heat treatment. Tape in extensions utilize wefts that are affixed to small areas in your hair through double-sided tape. Finally, donning a weave entails braiding your natural hair in rows, usually from ear to ear. Wefts of extensions will be woven to the braids using thread.

Attaching fusion extensions take more time, as each strand is positioned individually – some procedures take as much as three hours to complete. Tape-in extensions and hair weaves are more time-efficient, with both procedures lasting around a couple of hours. Fusion extensions last longer but are not reusable. Once removed, they can’t be placed back on. Weaves and tape-in hair extensions, however, may be removed and re-attached. They’re also less costly than fusion hair extensions, which make them more affordable options.

Fusion and tape-in hair extensions are appropriate for many hair types, but weaves are recommended for African-American hair which usually has the strength required for corn row braids.

Extensions can also be categorized based on the kind of hair used, with the two primary types being synthetic and real hair extensions. Synthetic locks are the cheaper option, but has numerous limitations. It can be hard to create, is vulnerable to tangles, and isn’t always heat resistant.

Real hair extensions are available in a variety of different quality. Most professionals prefer the virgin Remy hair, which comes from natural hair which has never been processed and with the cuticles still intact. Remy hair extensions are affordable and are recognized for retaining the silkiness and strength of natural hair.

To conclude, how hair extensions are attached as well as their compositions are two things to consider in selecting extensions. You should choose one that matches your natural hair texture and color. This makes it easier for the extensions to match your real human hair, so that your crown of glory appears as natural as possible.

Why Choose A Moissanite Engagement Ring

Others | November 29, 2017 | By

By Guest Contributor (Sponsored)

An emerald cut moissanite engagement ring is not just a flashy bit of jewellery. It’s an indication of your devotion to your lover. This devotion and promise of everlasting love is the reason why selecting the right moissanite engagement ring will help you to stand out in your wedding proposal.

The wide variety of emerald cut moissanite engagement rings available make selecting the right one challenging. Listed below are a couple of moissanite engagement rings which will wow and surprise.

Modern Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Some couples prefer a simple and sleek ring design. Modern ring designs highlight the classic look and the sparkle from the gemstone. This makes it an outstanding accessory also suitable for daily wear.

While the most classic moissanite engagement ring designs hold particular meaning for a couple, a unique design can definitely emphasize the distinctiveness of the relationship. These styles aren’t like any other and can be found on the market as well.

Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

The timeless appearance of the halo split design is perfectly achieved through the emerald cut gemstone in the center. This superbly crafted design is placed in white gold and boasts over 2 carats in diamonds.

The emerald cut was initially made to enhance the colour of the emerald gem. Other colored gemstones can be used in the design to accentuate the beautiful color and elegant cut of the emerald gem as well.

The halo split shank engagement ring, with its stylish leaf engraving detail around the sides, is a timeless piece which will solidify the vows you’ll share on your wedding day.

You might still be in search for that ring which will melt your lover’s heart or you may already have a specific emerald gemstone moissanite engagement ring in mind. In either case, an emerald gemstone moissanite engagement ring will create a romantic ambiance during your proposal and get you a big “Yes” from your lover!

4 Trends To Embrace This Winter

Fashion | November 22, 2017 | By

By Guest Writer

Autumn always seems to be the briefest of seasons. It’s probably because we tend to start seeing holiday decorations so early (and because the days start getting shorter) that it often seems like winter when we’ve only just started adjusting to the end of summer! Whatever the case, winter will soon arrive, and with it will come the opportunity to fully embrace your fall/winter wardrobe. If you haven’t shopped yet for the cooler months, here are a few trends you can embrace with ease.

1 – Sparkling Shoes

It seems almost like an odd suggestion, but if you’ve kept your eye on catalogues and online slideshows of fall and winter looks at all, you’ve probably become familiar with it. Looking through holiday shoes for women, you’ll see a lot of color and shine. Even within this, however, it’s hard not to notice glitter and sparkles! Whether in boots, high-heels, flats, or high-heeled boots for that matter, winter shoes are being encased in glittering exteriors that make them sparkle against some of the duller tones that so often dominate the season. It’s a wonderfully fun trend that seems to be popping up everywhere.

2 – Oversized Turtlenecks

Could there possibly be a cozier trend than an oversized turtleneck? It’s just a big baggy sweater, perfectly toasty for the season, complete with a neck large enough to serve as a sort of raised pillow around your neck and the bottom of your face. Or at least, that’s how I think of it! Oversized turtlenecks popped up on runways for fall and winter fashion throughout the year, coming in all kinds of different colors. You might consider looking for one in a bright shade of red, given that this is about as popular a color as a specific season has seen in years this winter.

3 – Sweater Dresses

Dresses are always some of the most versatile items, and there are certainly occasions to go with full-length options. If you’re looking for a dress for a New Year’s party, you might opt for something more formal. A write-up on recommended attire for an evening out suggested a floor-length dress with heels if you have a fancy dinner. But for your more informal occasions – drinks with friends or family over the holidays, a day out shopping at the mall, etc. – a sweater dress will do just fine this season. There are all kinds of cute options being showcased across the internet and in fashion catalogues, so you have your pick of styles.

4 – Talismanic Jewelry

I’ll be quite honest – I wasn’t aware of this term until I saw it on a list of fashion accessories for the fall and winter, but now I can’t get enough of it! Calling them transmitters of good luck and averters of misfortune, the article pointed to everything from charmed bracelets to feathered necklaces, painting a picture of a fun, personal, and affordable brand of accessory. Broadly speaking, just keep in mind that some offbeat (but far from tacky) jewelry options are certainly making the rounds this season.

Flowers For The Soul – A Better Florist Bouquet Arrangement Workshop

Home Decor, Others | November 14, 2017 | By

I have always been interested in using silk flowers as a form of decorations around my house and enjoy arranging them in ways that make the whole room brighten up. The thought of using fresh flowers instead is definitely appealing but I have never gotten to it due to time limitations (i.e. much more maintenance needed with the real deal). In addition, I was not confident handling fresh flowers as I did not have the experience doing so. Therefore, when I was invited to attend a floral workshop by A Better Florist, I was truly delighted. Finally an opportunity to pick up the basic skills in an activity I have thought of learning many times previously!

The Trainer Preparing The Materials For The Flower Arrangement Workshop

All The Attendees Listening Attentively To The Trainer’s Instructions  

The Trainer Demonstrating How We Can Arrange The Flowers Beautifully

After a detailed demonstration of how we can prepare the different flowers before they can be arranged (e.g. fluffing the carnations so that their petals can open up nicely and plucking the outermost petals of the roses to reveal the blemish free firm inner bulbs), we started creating our own bouquets.

I had a really fun time doing the arrangement and this is what I eventually came up with –

After Lots Of Taping And Sniping, I Am Down To The Last Few Steps

The Final Look!

It felt amazing to walk down the street in a lovely bouquet of blooms! Thanks to A Better Florist for the workshop experience. If you love flowers like I do and want to get the freshest bouquet at a reasonable price, check out this Singapore flower delivery service for a gorgeous range of selections!

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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