Why Choose A Moissanite Engagement Ring

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An emerald cut moissanite engagement ring is not just a flashy bit of jewellery. It’s an indication of your devotion to your lover. This devotion and promise of everlasting love is the reason why selecting the right moissanite engagement ring will help you to stand out in your wedding proposal.

The wide variety of emerald cut moissanite engagement rings available make selecting the right one challenging. Listed below are a couple of moissanite engagement rings which will wow and surprise.

Modern Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Some couples prefer a simple and sleek ring design. Modern ring designs highlight the classic look and the sparkle from the gemstone. This makes it an outstanding accessory also suitable for daily wear.

While the most classic moissanite engagement ring designs hold particular meaning for a couple, a unique design can definitely emphasize the distinctiveness of the relationship. These styles aren’t like any other and can be found on the market as well.

Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

The timeless appearance of the halo split design is perfectly achieved through the emerald cut gemstone in the center. This superbly crafted design is placed in white gold and boasts over 2 carats in diamonds.

The emerald cut was initially made to enhance the colour of the emerald gem. Other colored gemstones can be used in the design to accentuate the beautiful color and elegant cut of the emerald gem as well.

The halo split shank engagement ring, with its stylish leaf engraving detail around the sides, is a timeless piece which will solidify the vows you’ll share on your wedding day.

You might still be in search for that ring which will melt your lover’s heart or you may already have a specific emerald gemstone moissanite engagement ring in mind. In either case, an emerald gemstone moissanite engagement ring will create a romantic ambiance during your proposal and get you a big “Yes” from your lover!


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