Memories With Sarah – Highlights 2017

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Hi everyone, this is going to be a picture intensive post down memory lane as I wanted to document some of the key moments spent with my daughter, Sarah, during the first year of her life! Sarah is eleven months old now and I have finally found the energy and time to compile some of the pictures we have taken together as a family. I have experienced many ups and downs with the birth of Sarah, from the elation of seeing her laid on my tummy at the moment she was born to the many challenges of breast-feeding and restless nights. The journey into Motherhood has been overwhelming at times but I am truly happy and grateful to have Sarah in my live as well as the support I got from my husband and family.

Without further ado, here are some highlights of this year with my daughter –

Mothers’ Day 2017 near Rochester Park

Father’s Day 2017 at The White Rabbit

Singapore’s National Day 2017

Staycation At Hotel Nuve Heritage, Explorer Suite

Lantern Festival At Marina Bay Sands

Snow White Theme Photoshoot at Hort Park

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    Jeannette Mirtha Garcia Perez
    December 14, 2017

    Me da muchísimo gusto saber de ti y del nuevo miembro en tu hermosa familia. Extrañaba tanto tus post que hasta te envié un mensaje preguntando por ti. Pero ahora sé que es por una hermosa razón, tu bellísima bebé. Dios te la bendiga y te colme de parabienes en esta nueva etapa en tu vida. BIENVENIDA DE NUEVO!!!

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